IoT Day & Ganesha vs. Psychobilly

Getting ready for the IoT special event in RandeLab, re-union with the Center for Alternative Coconut Research, the FabLab Underes Ätzisloo, StahlLabs, Make IoT Zurich and some random Slovenian guys making hats…


“Having a beer and Schwartenmagen in the beautiful Schaffhausen woods, listening to the birds and watching the spring flowers. Got some ESP6288s, ATTinys, Arduinos and coconuts.” from GlobalIoTDay – 2015



Dominik Mahic playing the Landjägersynth:

IoT Infrastructure watching:

The tower


Preparing IoT modules – where is the coconut?




Sticking the BLE acceleration module into the coconut. The little plastic bag protects the circuitry.


Center for internet of hats #randen #CenterForAlternativeCoconutResearch

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