CoT geeking with CoolBoard – Chalet of Things…

On my visit to Paris, La Paillasse, i met these people from La Cool Co. who made this nice little ESP8266 based plant/soil monitoring device. So i got myself 2 of them… one for hacking and one to install in RandeLab.


See more about the CoolBoard on their Instructables.

Check the monitor in the preview

Now connecting it to a small solar panel and leave it here for a while. let’s see if it logs something that makes any sense….


Hopefully for future Soil-Geeking i can add the CO2 sensor and change the data update rate to follow soil bacterial activity. coming soon. check our notes on the hackteria forum.


SummerLab in RandeLab 2016 – Yeast-geeking and Edison-style

See more on the Hackteria Wiki.


Tried to grow more of Mary‘s YES-yeasts (Made in USA). Maybe I can make bread with it? Or ferment some sugars into alcohol? let’s just grow some more!

  • Thx to Mary I got some of her genetically modified yeasts (Made in USA), which act as estrogen bioreporters. Hmmm... i got some sterile tubes, special synthetic media -Trp, but the plate looks kinda infected, let's see how selectiv that media really is.

So now I just need to wait and the YES-yeast will grow, grow, grow your yeasts… lallalallalalaa. Time to got for a walk…
… and greet some friends! Welcoming Felix, the Uber-KulturChopf and creative educator from Labor Luzern, aswell as Jana and Kent from the local GeekSpace W3rkHof in 9kirch


Bring Your Own Tissue – µResidency HLab14 ReUnion Globaaal

May 2016…

Working on CocoChicken, MixTapes, fixing the cyber-bee-replacement robots, and watching HACKERS (1995)

Bring Your Own Tissue Impressions

Snail Dissection Workshop with Maggic!

More coming soon.... Inspired by ***warning*** GRAPHIC SNAIL GUTS


  • Find a nice, big and lively snail

Slime Mold Observations

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